Monday, September 29, 2008

An Unexpected Change of Events

So tonight I had made some plans to hang out with some friends for dinner, and one of my friends accidentally double booked himself, which even I've done because I'm just so..... popular? Anyways, I eventually found myself a few rows from the back of a Lincoln Brewster concert. Now I've never really been a big fan of Lincoln Brewster's music, but don't get me wrong, the man is an amazing musician, like ridiculous. I gotta admit, the cat's got some chops, but what hit me tonight wasn't his music. He started to give us a little insight into his past. He talked about how his home life wasn't at all what it should have been and about his step dad, and then he talked about what his pastor told him. He said (and I'm not gonna bother quoting because I don't think this is exact but..) he said something like It's not about were you came from, but about where your going. At that point, I realized something. I realized that for a while, I've been dwelling in the past. Holding grudges, bad habits, and that what is done is over with and won't come back around. That I should be looking towards the future. God has something in store for me.... I'm not sure what it is, but I need to learn to let what has happened go, and embrace what is to come.