Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Distracted much?

So lately I've been catching myself reflecting on life a bit more than usual. Personally I hate it when I do this because I look at my life and I see all the crap that I need to clean up. Everything from character traits to my sun tan. Weird? Yes I know. Although it's a pain, I think it's good to go through. Something huge that I've been noticing with myself is how distant I've grown from God. It's so easy to just drift away. You forget to read and pray and have time to reflect on what God does in your life everyday. I know I'm not the only one who has done this, but it's quite obnoxious isn't it? The creator of the universe who cares enough about you to actually have a personal relationship with you, but we just through what He offers us out the window.

It just goes to show you how easy it is to get caught up in daily life and whats going on around us. Friends, relationships with significant others, modern technology, and my personal favorite, music... they all seem to take a higher priority. If only we weren't so easily distracted.

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